Notice how you feel before and after reading this message … and … What does Physics have to do with Your Healing and abundance?


Have you ever tried to use the power of your visualization or intention to do something?  You know like in the movie “The Secret” or in some of the many self-help manifest your own reality kind of books?

Ever wondered why they don’t seem to work very well.

They may work a little but for all the effort it just doesn’t have the big bang for the buck.

Did you know that physicists who study the energy in a vacuum or the energy in empty space say that there is infinite energy, information and potential in the vacuum or in the empty space?

So how can you truly access that infinite energy or potential?  I’ve been playing with this type of thing for years.  And after much study, I came across a way to do it.

Funny thing was, it wasn’t about doing it 

as much as something else.  It was easier than I thought.   In fact it surprised me the first time it happened.

so much that I told my wife “No Way!!!” and she exclaimed “Way!!!”

It’s consistently worked for us since that time about 5 years ago when we came across this way of doing stuff.  I’m telling you this so you can also access this way of making things happen for you.

You may be thinking, this is just another one of those methods.  I know I did with most of the stuff I tried over the years.  This stuff felt different even from the beginning, but I still doubted it would totally work for me.

Luckily I was using it with a lot of clients as soon as I learned it and it consistently worked.  People were lining up with their heart’s desires and making real changes in all sorts of stuff.  Everyone had their own version of miracles.  so I got to prove it to myself by seeing it change my clients and friends and families lives.

Here’s what I want you to do next.  *   Notice how you feel and notice what’s different after reading this message.

If you notice the change or notice that something is different, you can access more of this Infinite energy or infinite potential by doing this.

You can sign up at our site because each Thursday I use this technology at 8:30 am so you can notice changes in your life.  There is no catch and nothing to do other than signing up for our weekly free sessions here.

And if you want to have individual session to work specifically on Results your looking for

you can set up your individual session with me.  just email me or call us                         619.840.9755       


Check in with how you felt before reading this and notice how you feel once you’re done reading this *  and notice what’s different.





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End to Fluoridation ~ Scientists are recommending an end to fluoridating water supplies

I am putting this out for people to see and pass around.

So you can have clean safe water

and protect your health

here’s the links from the email I just got from Fluoride Alert Network

Journal Article Calls for Prohibition of Fluoridation

This past week The Scientific World Journal published a review article by Dr. Stephen Peckham and Dr. Niyi Awofeso entitled, “Water Fluoridation: A Critical Review of the Physiological Effects of Ingested Fluoride as a Public Health Intervention.” 

According to the authors, “available evidence suggests that fluoride has a potential to cause major adverse human health problems, while having only a modest dental caries prevention effect. As part of efforts to reduce hazardous fluoride ingestion, the practice of artificial water fluoridation should be reconsidered globally, while industrial safety measures need to be tightened in order to reduce unethical discharge of fluoride compounds into the environmentcoordinated global efforts to reduce adverse human health effects on fluoride need to start with ensuring that its introduction into water supplies is prohibited

Watch Dr. Connett’s Presentation in Seattle

A new video of Dr. Paul Connett’s complete presentation on the Case Against Fluoride has been made available for free online. It was filmed in Seattle at the Town Hall Theater on March 17, and is has great picture and sound. Please share this with your fellow campaigners, family, co-workers, and friends.  Watch It Now


Stuart Cooper

FAN Campaign Director

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Our new Yelp Page

Screen Shot 2014-03-19 at 7.40.58 PM

here’s a link to our Yelp Page.

We love hearing your success stories.  Feel free to write a review of your experience with us!

Ralph & Jen Havens

Our new Yelp Page for our Bellingham physical therapy practice. Ralph Havens Physical Therapy

Ralph & Jennifer Toussant Havens

Group Sessions with Ralph & Jen Havens

Group Sessions with Ralph & Jen Havens

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thoughts from trees

Today in my morning set up of my day, qigong, matrix energetics, meditation, walk….

I was putting my hands on a tree and dropping into my heart space and noticing from a space of neutrality.  Then I asked some questions of the tree in the forest by our home here in Bellingham, Washington.

As I was asking the questions I kept noticing with my eyes, ears, thoughts, sensations and smell and taste.  What I got was interesting. I asked the tree what it did for fun.  I got that up in the canopy with the leaves getting the sunlight was like me and Jen and Ben going to the Co-Op for food.  It was fun times; party time.

I asked a lot more questions and felt the answers.  As I was doing this I also asked some open ended questions.  What would it be like to talk with the tree as a dear friend.  Some one I’d want to spend time with and hear all about what was going on.  I did the same with the earth and the stream by our house and the wind and the wolves.  What I got was what would it be like if these were my teachers.

I’ve been looking to teachers a long time and learning a lot.  Today I got that my teachers may be different than that.  It was quite an amazing experience.

We met with an intuitive last night at the Bellingham Institute of Noetic Science named Joanna Schmidt. It was way cool and I”m gonna play with it and keep dropping into my heart space and asking questions and getting to know the beings around me, including the plants and animals and earth.



thanks Curt and Mary for these meetings.

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Ralph & Jen’s Healing & Transformation Sessions

For those needing Help

Ralph & Jen are setting up a Healing & Transformation Space up here in Maple Falls, Washington, near Mt. Baker. We have a practice in Bellingham, WA and help clients from all over the world by Skype or Phone sessions as well. If you would like a session to help you heal & transform and realize your goals, let us know.

here’s the link for the last email newsletter following our distance healing session for everyone on our email list.   Click Here.


Ralph Havens Physical Therapy Belllingham


Physical Therapy Bellingham Ralph Havens





Ralph Havens Physical Therapy, Bellingham, WA

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Two new stories from the Heart with Matrix Energetics

We got two great emails this past week from clients who described their experience with Matrix Energetics and the Healing & Transformation Sessions with Ralph Havens.

here they are!


April 11th, 2014

Hello Ralph
My life is changing so fast it is hard to put in words , I’m amazing with your work and just want to
say thank you very much to make a difference in my life : )
Please keep sharing your work with me I love it !
Happy day : ))

April 13th, 2014

“Matrix Energetics lets me know, that I know, that I know, that I know! I love me!”   E.L.

For more stories of people’s experience with Ralph & Jen’s Healing & Transformation Space,

click here

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How we are valued by others ~ What would it be like to be truly valued?

What would it be like to be truly valued by others?  Have you noticed how some people and some groups treat you with utmost respect and value your opinion and work and others don’t know you at all or worse yet treat you as if you are without value?  Today’s session for everyone on our email list saw a shift in this pattern for all of us.  To be included in weekly donation based Healing & Transformation Sessions with Ralph Havens, PT

sign up at the top of this page.


Here’s the newsletter for today’s session.  Click Here.



Group Sessions with Ralph & Jen Havens

Group Sessions with Ralph & Jen Havens


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Fixing up from Fluoride by Ralph Havens, Physical Therapist

Since 2011 when we were first alerted to the dangers of fluoride we’ve been researching and testing ways to detox from fluoride.  If you would like to know if fluoride is a possible cause of your conditions or symptoms please email me or call me 619.840.9755 and we can set up a time to help you.  If you have conditions such as severe joint or bone pains, kidney pains depression, anxiety, or thyroid issues, you may have fluoride toxicity problems.  There is a way to clear it.  Here’s what I’ve found so far.  We’ve seen it work.

1.  First and foremost find out if your city fluoridates water supplies.  This is easy to do an involves goggling the city you live in and emailing the city manager or public works department and just asking if they fluoridate the water supply.  If they do it’s important to protect yourself from it.

2.  Go to and call them to get the Brimac Fluoride filters for your entire house.  These filters use Bone from Cows to absorb the fluoride out of your water.  That should tell you something about why you don’t want to drink this stuff.  If it absorbs in Cow bones it absorbs in human’s bones too.  Not good so make sure your water is clean.

3.  If you can find a good source of spring water for drinking that is optimal.  You can search here  or and email or call the source to make sure the water is non-fluoridated.

4.  Any food you eat; no matter what it is check and see if fluoridated water is used.  All teas are suspect.  Most are affected by fluoride and I’d recommend not drinking teas or kombuchas.  Hidden sources are sprouted seeds, apple cider vinegars and all packaged or processed foods.  Even vegetables if grown with fluoridated water is contaminated  The leaves of plants bio-accumulate the toxins.

5.  Check out this article for a detox and if it makes sense to you and if you check with your health care professional you may want to use this detox.  Please do your homework with it and check with your health care practitioner if you want to use this.  Click here.

6. For more information on detox click here.

7.  For more data on the research of why you want to avoid fluoride click here for movies

The Great Culling

The Fluoride Deception

Call or email me if you want more information,

Ralph Havens


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God! I’m happy!!! & Why did you move here? I get asked this here in Bellingham

Group Sessions with Ralph & Jen Havens

Group Sessions with Ralph & Jen Havens

Video of Ralph & Jen Havens click here.

I get asked quite a bit, “why did you move to Bellingham, WA?”  People here ask me when we say we moved from San Diego and a lot of our friends and clients are asking us that we know back in San Diego.

When we tell the Bellingham people they nod in understanding.  Many of the people here moved from Southern California and other parts of the country and world.  They understand the magic of Bellingham.  The San Diego people seem puzzled about why we would leave “paradise”; you now perfect 70 to 80 degree weather, sandy beaches, etc, etc.

I went on a run today with a great group of runners from the Bellingham Trail Running Club.  We started in about 50 degrees and light drizzle and ran thru partly cloudy, cool conditions up the LookOut Mountain Trail.  I know why they call it lookout! It’s a big climb! LookOut!.  Also the views are spectacular although I only made it near the top.  Gotta get in shape to run with these folks!  But man was it a blast; great people great trails great town.

When I was a teenager growing up in West Texas, Del Rio actually, I used to get Track & Field News.  I love track and field and love running.  One day when a copy came, it had Alberto Salazar and Henry Rono on the cover running among lots of trees.  Al was from U. of Oregon and Henry was from Kenya and Washington State University.  Right then, I decided I would live in Washington by the forest.

I kept thinking I would live by a forest but life took me to San Diego where I started a successful Physical Therapy practice, Mission Hills Physical Therapy, bought a house in Mission Hills and had a good life.  But I kept feeling like I was to live by the forest.

The universe has a way of conspiring to help you when you make a decision and I had made the decision to live in Washington State as a teenager.  It came in with lots of emotion and a knowingness.  But then I put it all aside.  But it kept coming into my awareness.

My life took a funny turn in 2011 when San Diego started putting Fluoride into the water supply.  My health took a big hit and I wrote about it here.  THis I believe was a miracle.  The universe was telling me to get the Hell out of San Diego and go Do what I want to Do!

So Jen, my wife and I looked and looked; we shut down our Physical Therapy Practice in San Diego and looked all over Oregon; Ashland, Eugene, Portland but didn’t find our spot.  Then we heard about Bellingham.  As soon as we got here, we realized we were home.  Now as I talk to Bellingham people about why we moved, I get a lot of stories of how many of them looked and looked and had to move to Bellingham.  There is a saying here, “if you visit Bellingham, you will live here at some time in your life”  The call it the City of Subdued Excitement.  People really care here; truly care about themselves, their families, their community.

I’ve never seen this before in a city.  A lot of people here are following their Heart’s Desires.  Many move here first and then figure out what to do here.  We moved because I had to move; I was to live by a forest.  Now we’re by Mt. Baker & Snoqualmie National Forest.

Here’s a story of a guy from San Diego who Did what he Wanted to Do but stayed in San Diego. Tuning into and listening and then following the universes leads was what got me to Bellingham, Wa.  Let me know what you all notice and what you’re Heart is telling you.  I love t hear the stories of what people are doing and what they went through in order to get on with their life here on Earth.   Ralph Havens

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Running Videos from Ralph Havens Physical Therapy

Video of interviews with runners following a short session of Matrix Energetics with Ralph Havens

Each runner received less than 5 minutes each of Matrix Energetics with Ralph Havens, Pt

Click on Link here

Second Video Click here.  Ralph Havens, PT working with Paul Greer former 3:39 1500 meter runner and coach of San Diego’s Rockin’ and Running Program for the Rock and Roll Marathon.  Ralph worked with Paul over 5 weeks using Matrix Energetics, Integrative Manual Physical Therapy and Wisdom Healing Qigong to shift Paul’s running form.

Group Sessions with Ralph & Jen Havens

Group Sessions with Ralph & Jen Havens

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