thoughts about over training in the endurance athlete * by Ralph Havens

some thoughts about over traininig


after reading through this article about an ultra racers experience of DNF

Ralph Havens I’ve seen this before as well. I feel it may be related to the kidneys. The kidneys and adrenals need to recharge. many things we do as endurance runners use kidney chi or energy. Hard Training, Frequent all out Racing, high altitude tents for sleeping, excessive coffee use, rigorous hot yoga, gym workouts, spinning classes etc etc. stress; a go go go never rest type lifestyle etc, A key may be to find activities and ways to recharge. Sleep is important. and hard / easy system of training is important. Also cycles of hard training, tapering, racing, resting , more resting and then rebuild. many times a runner on top wants to keep racing and training and never takes a break.. The kidneys / adrenal system can only do that for so long before it’s a done deal. Hard / Easy and periodization of training as well as very good nutrition and sleep may hold some answers for long term running. Having a system that rebuilds kidney chi or energy may beuseful such as Qigong Ralph Havens ***



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* Success Stories from the Online ~ Streaming Healing & Transformation sessions *

Success Stories from the online ~ streaming Group Healing & Transformation sessions.  Once a month we have people from all over the world online and use the Matrix Energetics technology of Distance Healing to access the state of Grace and notice the miracles.  


It’s a way to shift, heal, change, transform.


How can I change, shift or think differently, so that my life will shift? .

 I I were to  think differently and approach situations from different angles, what might show up?

I I were to take action, what might I do?

 If I were to notice and be open to shifts, changes and evolvement within myself, what might surprise me?


we’ll include people’s experiences on this page.  And if you might like to join us for the next Matrix Energetics Healing & Transformation Session ~ online and streaming.  check it out here.

Good morning, Ralph!

A follow up to noticing what I have been noticing since the online session…..

Attracting like-minded clients
2 clients called me for energy work – NOT massage.

Rhythm and rest
My swimming and bike riding now have more cadence and strength.

Scoliosis straightening
“Directed” to do Ai Chi in the pool each day, I spent an extra 30 min. working on
moves that opened and expanded my upper body. I listened to the “cracking” of
the vertebrae and continued softly into the motion that brought it to surface until
sound and the “hitch” disappeared.

Overall, I’m concentrated on heart opening and opening spine to sky and earth.

Nice! Week 1 done!



Here’s a video of a book about a girl and a heart.

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Nadia’s Heart by Wendy Altshuler *

Open ended questions are a great way to access a different reality; a different possibility for life.  Try these out and then let go and notice what you notice.


How can I change, shift or think differently, so that my life will shift? .

 I I were to  think differently and approach situations from different angles, what might show up?

I I were to take action, what might I do?

 If I were to notice and be open to shifts, changes and evolvement within myself, what might surprise me?


Nadia’s Heart by Wendy Altshuler *


Nadia’s Heart Trailer YouTube


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Many benefits of coconut oil

I found these excellent article on the benefits of coconut oil.

here it is!


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From Deepak Chopra ~ a great way to manifest *

From Deepak Chopra’s book on the Seven Spiritual Principles book.

very cool stuff.

If you might like to experience a way to play with this to manifest in your life, here goes…..


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MSG, autism link and hidden sources of MSG

very cool TED talk from a PhD biochemist on MSG

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What we do

here’s about me

hi healers!



from Ralph Havens

1. Can you tell me about yourself and your work? Your background or trainings; anything you would want others to know.
here’s our website,
and phone number 360.599.2217
I’m a physical therapist trained and certified in Orthopedic P.T. as well as Integrative Manual Therapy and Matrix Energetics. I’ve studied with Chiropractors, Osteopaths, Massage therapists, Energy Workers and P.T.s

I use Matrix Energetics as a way to access the state or space of Grace to notice patterns in the field and notice how they shift while testing and re-testing what the client would like to change.

I do this over phone, Skype or in-person and have clients from Bellingham as well as worldwide.
here’s a link to some of the success stories


2. What do you call what you do? If you have methods it would be great to have your list of what you do.

Healing & Transformation using Matrix Energetics and Integrative Manual Therapy, Qigong and Nourishing Traditions

3. Where a bouts do you do what you do? office, people’s homes, over Skype, phone, other.
in person in Deming and Bellingham as well as worldwide via phone and Skype

4. What would be the ideal client or clients for you? type of conditions you like to treat; types of clients you enjoy seeing.

Someone looking for shifting the cause of their condition. People who have been unhealed by the medical system or other healers, People with conditions that have left doctors and others unable to come up with a diagnosis or a why they have a particular condition.

someone looking to transform their life.

5. Are there certain clients you would rather not see or are there clients with certain conditions that should not be referred to you?

I feel if they call and schedule then there is a reason for them to see me. With the matrix energetics even severe conditions can have an energetics session over Skype or phone , even if they cannot travel to see me in person.
6. Is there anything else I should tell people about you or your work?

It’s fun and transformative and they should feel different and the world and their reality should be different during the session and as the days and weeks following a session go by,

we also do donation based sessions each Thursday if they join our newsletter email list here

and here is what my wife feels we do
Ralph Havensa

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How to create your reality *

How to Create Your Reality *


I was working this past weekend with a great group of people in Bellingham.  I was part of a group of practitioners here in Bellingham, Wa and we were seeing first come – first serve clients in a group setting for Matrix Energetics and other Body Work.  It’s something that my friend Janet Kingsley created and it is fun way to give back to the community and have a lot of fun with helping people heal and transform.

My friend Andreas Weinrich at one point asked me what I was doing.  Not about what I was doing with my client but what I was doing with the space.  We were packed.  The place had a consistent flow of clients coming in for sessions.  Like I said it was great fun.  He just looked at me and said “Are you channeling?”

He could feel that something was going on.  What was “causing” this effect; this flow of abundance?

Ultimately I don’t know.  I’m more and more seeing that I might not know any thing.  It’s a bit freeing to not have to justify or judge stuff and instead just play.  For one thing play is fun and for another thing, it works better anyway.

So I was inspired to write about creating realities.  Some things I’ve noticed and been playing with.

What I’m noticing is that being Happy is first.  you could call it joy but it feels more like Happy.  Joy to me felt like some thing some spiritual book might call it.  Not that that really matters; but I call it Happy. I am really really happy!  say that ten times and notice what happens.

So how and why to be Happy first.  For one, it feels better to be happy.  Feeling like crap just doesn’t feel that good.  So there is a decision to “today I’m gonna be Happy”.  or a decision point “I’m always Happy”  Now I know there are things and times when other emotions might be more appropriate.  But I think mostly it’s perfectly ok to be happy; even if money is going funny, or someone has a problem or a friend is having a hard time. I mean, you can’t be miserable enough to help someone else who is miserable.  Misery might love company but it’s still misery.

People like being around people who are happy. It’s infectious.  The people it’s not attractive to, seem to weed themselves our of groups of happy people.  it’s their choice.  You don’t have to be bummed out just because others are bummed out.

So first things first making a decision to be happy is possibly a key to happiness?  hah!

Then having a way to drop into the space.  The gap between the moments.  Having a way to notice what you truly are is a way to notice from the space. If you were to notice what you truly are, what might you experience?  Try that and see what happens.

Adyashanti has a great way of doing this.  His book True Meditation is simple and powerful; highly recommended. Robert Schienfeld has a whole process with his Busting Loose Technology.   Matrix Energetics has a way that is very fast.  I think it is because what we truly are are infinite infinitely happy beings; infinitely powerful as well.  We’ve done an amazing job and used a lot of power to make it look like we’re not powerful and infinite.  It’s all part of the game we get to play; our total immersion movie experience of our lives.  So having a way to notice what we truly are is a way to have access to this infinite power.  If you were to notice what you truly are what might that be?

From there having a weak or faint intention is key. Not a hard rigid well thought out intention of what you want. Instead an almost in passing thought, “what would it be like if…” Then letting go and just going with “huh”.  And going on with whatever you’re doing.  A weak intention is key when you’re happy and in the space.  If you’re not happy or not in the space or gap of what you truly are, it takes more work.  But if you are happy and you are in the space; knowing what you truly are; then a weak intention can transform into reality.

From there I learned from a good friend who manifests money quickly and easily no matter what she does.  She told me that when ever anything goes wrong or bad; bad fortune; immediately say “thank you, thank you!” and mean it.  You can’t say it begrudgingly.  It has to be with pure joy; pure happiness and just say and mean “Thank You”.

She also told me to find someone who needs what you’re wanting and find a way to give it to them or help them get it.  Again not begrudgingly but with pure happiness, joy and freedom.  Find people to help and help them!  If your were to help someone get what you’re looking for who might that be and how might you do that?

What you are and what you resonate is what comes back to you.  If you’re happy, joyous and helping people, it all comes back to you.  It seems to be a law of some sort.

Then the idea of Lao Tzu, “do nothing and leave nothing undone” shows up.  I like to call it, “Do The Nothing, Leave The Nothing Undone”.  Meaning,  Use the force; the infinite power of the universe; The Nothing and Leave The Nothing Undone; leave the space, the undifferentiated undifferentiated.  In other words don’t limit it by making it about something or judging it in some way.  Being good with the unknown any thing is possible from that point.  A tiny intention can go Boom by not limiting it with our judgements about how it may show up.

Then notice your heart’s desires.  What brings you great joy?  What has consistently been your thing?  What might it be like to start doing that?

Running, Doing Matrix Energetics, laughing with my friends and hanging out  and having a blast with my family, writing stuff and helping people with sessions; that’s been my heart’s desires.  What are yours?  Lining up with your heart’s desires and doing them is key; What are you here to do?  What have you been dropped into  existence to do?

When you’re happy, noticing from the space of what you truly are, thanking for what you have; all of it; the good the bad and the ugly, helping someone get what you want; resonating with joy, happy, the space, you can do the nothing and leave the nothing undone and line up with your heart’s desires.

You might want to make a list of your intentions.  What is it you truly want? What are your heart’s desires?  And start by being Happy.


let me know how it goes!




Ralph Havens, Physical Therapist

Phone and Skype Sessions with Ralph Havens,
Healing & Transformation

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Healing & Transformation Sherpa *

Healing & Transformation Sherpa

I just finished our latest Healing & Transformation Session for everyone on our email list.  Each week for the past years I’ve done a session for everyone on our email list.  People from all over the world are on our list and we get emails back with all sorts of success stories of healing and transformation.  It’s inspiring to here what people are experiencing.  You can read our latest one here.  Click here.

After today’s session, Jen named me the Healing & Transformation Sherpa.  You can read about what she feels we do and what it’s all about.  Click here for that.

Healing & Transformation Sherpa.  Feels good. Kinda fits for me.  I like it.  I’m gonna go with it.  It describes a journey and it’s kinda funny so it sounds like Matrix Energetics to me!

For more information about us and our sessions click here



Ralph Havens and Jen Havens of Ralph Havens Physical Therapy, Bellingham, Wa and worldwide via phone and Skype

Ralph Havens and Jen Havens of Ralph Havens Physical Therapy, Bellingham, Wa and worldwide via phone and Skype

 If someone you know might like help to heal or transform you can let them know about these weekly free and donation based sessions.

Good Things Happen on Thursdays with Ralph Havens and Matrix Energetics.
A free & donation based Healing & Transformation Session from Ralph & Jen Havens each week. If you might like to heal, shift, change or transform you can sign up here. Some cool success stories here of what others have noticed. ***

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Third Hand Smoke

Whenever you are buying a car or house you might want to consider testing for Third Hand Smoke residue.  Has there ever been an owner or occupant who smoked in the house or car.   It could save you a lot of trouble later on.  Check out these resources and studies.

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Ralph Havens PT


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