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How to Meditate ~ Appreciation


What is meditation?  And Why would you want to meditate?  There are many different ideas around meditation.  Some would say they meditate to relax or find peace or to lessen anxieties or depressions.  Some might meditate in order to get something.  Like creating abundance or creating a different life for themselves.


What about the Truth?  There is an idea around meditation that is all about finding out what is true.  The big What Am I question.  The where am I question.  The whole what’s it all about question.


Why would you want to know the Truth?  Would it be useful to know the absolute truth?  There is physics now to support the age old thinking that all is one; that all is illusion and that there really is nothing here; that what we see as a physical universe is really just patterns in a field of nothing.  There is physics now to show that the universe is possibly holographic meaning every part of it contains the whole of it.


Let me repeat that.  Each part of the universe like each proton in each cell of us, contains infinity within it!   How can infinity be in a finite structure?  99.99999+ or more of each atom is space.  And when the physics shows that in the empty space, infinite energy, mass and information is present you can get kinda loopy with it.


It just keeps looping on itself if you try and figure it out “logically”.  How can infinity be in a finite structure like and atom?   And how can there be so many atoms with each one having infinity in it?  I mean an infinite number of infinities?


It’s kinda like the chicken or the egg. Which came first?  Maybe there never was and never is an absolute chicken or egg.  Maybe they are just holographic and where ever you look there is a chicken and there  is an egg except that they’re not really there!


So what does that have to do with Meditation or the Truth?  By realizing how much we possibly don’t know; don’t absolutely know without a doubt; we can let go into that space of unknowing; the space that may be all that really is.


From there we can ask What Am I?  And be still and notice.  Dropping into the space of unknowing, let go and notice what you notice.


What would it be like to sit still with “I AM” and just Be.  If there is infinity within, what might I notice by letting go and being still?  Without agenda; without needing to “do” any thing; without needing to change or heal any thing?


By noticing what is Not True, and keep letting go of all that is Not True, what might you notice?  What is True and What Am I?


Sit with that if you might like to explore what You truly Are.  If you were to appreciate what you truly are, the illusions you created and how you made them look so real, what might you feel?


First it’s a mountain, then it’s not, then it’s a mountain again…….. what would it be like to play in the sunshine of the Truth?


Ralph Havens


Ralph Havens  Bellingham Physical Therapy and worldwide via Phone & Skype

Ralph Havens
Bellingham Physical Therapy and worldwide via Phone & Skype


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The Heart of Running

There was a recent post by Let’s Run, a website I love.  It’s one of the few sites I check everyday.  It’s all about running and racing.  The guys that run it do an amazing job and they are both runners and have some impressive personal bests in their own running career.

It was interesting what they posted this week and I wanted to comment on it.  Gerry Lindgren is a runner with an amazing history

here’s a part of it from the Seattle Times 

The argument for Lindgren is a simple one. At one time, he held national high-school records in the 1,500 meters, 3,000 meters, mile, 2 miles and 3 miles. And he didn’t just break these records. He shattered them with a running style that wasn’t smooth or fast, but frighteningly consistent. Lindgren the machine.

He broke the national 2-mile record by more than a minute, and it took 15 years before someone came along and topped it. His high-school 5,000-meter record stood for more than 40 years. He lapped Ryun, beat Prefontaine when nobody else could, and bested Mills, who went on to the Olympic glory that eluded Lindgren.

Let me repeat part of this, Gerry Lindgren beat the high school 2 mile national record by 1 full minute!

so when Let’s Run made this comment I felt inspired to write my comment.

here’s their comment

We’ve often thought that it’s very difficult for a great runner to be a great coach. Obviously there are some great runners that are great coaches but they normally have to go through a lot of ‘on the job training.’ A great runner is more often than not a genetic freak so many of them don’t learn while competing how to train properly. They are so talented they can get away with mistakes in training, and then when they start coaching, they teach those mistakes to their athletes.

In that light, please ignore the advice given out by Gerry Lindgren last week. Here is the advice he gave out last week on Facebook to guys and girls expected to finish in the middle of the pack guy at NCAAs on how they can win the race:

So, Next week in Terre Haute is the big race, yes? Would you like to know a move that a middle-of-the-pack runner could use to win the whole thing?? Can you run with the front runners through just HALF of the race? After the half way point, everyone will be tired. Trust me, I know! After the half, sprint! Not just a gentle pick up but and all-out-end-of-the-race-final-100-meters super sprint. Pass everybody and jet into the lead. Sprint like crazy (which everyone else will think you are) for at least a quarter mile. At that point you will be either well away from everyone or with just a few surprised runners who were stupid enough to go with your sprint. They will fade. Trust me. I know! Keep going. Relax a bit but keep your leg turnover constant. In no time the finish will be just a quarter mile away and YOU will be the only one. Sprint in to victory and try to act surprised like you didn’t know you are the best.

We’re all for not limiting yourself in a race and not expecting to lose, but the simple fact of the matter is middle-of-the-pack guys don’t win cross country races in the modern era. It’s a bell curve.

Here’s my take on it

Heart, spirit, inspiration.  With running or anything else in life worth doing, the unseen, the invisible, the thing many don’t consider is spirit. The heart of running is about spirit; transcending; going beyond.  It was and is impossible to break a 2 mile record by 1 minute.  It was done by Gerry Lindgren.

To say something is impossible is interesting.  Many things have been called impossible.  the human spirit doesn’t play by the rules of the finite; by what is possible.

Who would have told a kid you can’t break a record by 1 full minute?  I say go with spirit.  Don’t let anyone tell you, it is impossible.

Ralph Havens

Bellingham, Wa


Ralph Havens  Bellingham Physical Therapy and worldwide via Phone & Skype

Ralph Havens
Bellingham Physical Therapy and worldwide via Phone & Skype

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Matrix Energetics with Melissa Joy and Richard Bartlett, DC, ND this Saturday November 15th, 2014 at 11 am Free

Melissa Joy and Richard Bartlett, DC, ND a free Matrix Energetics Experience this Saturday November 15th, 2014 on the internet.
check it out here.

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If you could just be what or who you truly are what might that look like?

If you could just be what or who you truly are what might that look like?

This may be what is truly at the root of what someone really wants when they come to us for help with transformation and healing.

How might you do that?  Are there consequences? What might that do for you?

This may be what shows up as someone interacts with Matrix Energetics with us.

here is one person’s experience since sessions with Matrix Energetics

for more versions of people’s experience with Matrix Energetics check this out.


here’s the success story we just got.

November 5th, 2014

Today is being such amazing day ….. I’m having experience out of my body ….

all day feeling all the love and blessings and so much appreciation for every one and everything …

I cry I : ))) I just being some where i never being before … and in yoga class was like I was seeing life

or me detach from my body …. the mind took place and the body was gone , not sure how put this in words

for you …. surreal and yet very powerful ….

i did have a talk to the moon just now and it feel she was connect to me ….

no I’m not in drugs just very high in life , in love and so grateful to be here ….

When you just connect to your heart very deep all the fear all the bad stuff is gone ….

is nothing but love and beautiful things ….

Thanks Ralph to open this door for me I really appreciate that very much ….

much love to you and family : )


asking questions, nature

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How to Play with the Infinite *

How to Play with the Infinite.

I love that word.  Infinite. also In-Finite.  There is so much written and talked about in regards to living as an infinite being or being a spiritual being in a physical experience.

How is it useful is a way that I look at stuff.

If you were to have an experience of your infinite self or infinity or what ever you want to call it, what might you experience?  And what would be useful for you?

What are the tangible results from the various methods or ways to connect to the infinite?  Are the people that do it happy? fulfilled? living the life of their dreams?  There are people living the life of their dreams. Some of them are teaching classes on how to connect to this infinity to make life better, happier, more fulfilled. Are they able to teach others?

Are the people doing these methods becoming enlightened or making tangible changes in their lives?  What is useful?

I’ve played with a bunch of these methods and there are benefits to a lot of them.  At least I can see differences in life since playing with them for my self and also for our clients.

There is a method or methodology I’ve been playing with that is bringing some big shifts for us and our clients so I wanted to fill you all in on what I’ve found.

It’s something I first heard about 5 years ago and used with some success back then.  I have used it in various ways since then and it’s popped back into my reality to do it again in a concentrated way now.

There seems to be an invisible universe and if that is played with change in the so called physical universe shows up.

 So how to play with this invisible world? First it may be useful to get some data on this invisible universe.  When you look at the galaxies and space what we know about it is that there is a lot of what looks to be empty space.  Interestingly enough when scientists look deep inside us and physical matter, past the atoms and farther in than the protons and neutrons and electrons what is found is nothing; pure empty space again.  In fact, what the physicists tell us is that there over 99.9999% of the universe is empty space.

When they do the math to determine how much energy is in this space also known as the vacuum what they come up with is infinity!

Now there are physicists finding infinite energy, mass, potential and energy in each and every proton!  How can there be infinity in a finite structure like a small proton? And how can there be multiple infinities; you know each proton in the universe has infinity in it? Multiple infinities?

It’s the kind of thing that just loops and we can’t with our finite reasoning or logic come up with a reasonable answer.  There is a way to experience it; To know something by knowing it directly without words to describe it.

This is the invisible universe. Perhaps the physical universe is not really there.  Or if it is there, it’s more like a hologram; an image which when you look deeper is not really physical at all.  This is the stuff we’re playing with now.  

If you could notice as this infinite space what might you know? And if this infinite space is somehow projecting a “physical universe” what would it be like to shift some pattern with this infinite space and see a different result in the “physical reality we see”? 

There is a guy Robert Sheinfeld we were introduced to years ago and he has a process to notice yourself as this infinite.  Even though we appear finite.  The Infinite is in the In-Finite of our so called physical body.  There may be infinite infinities in each proton of us!

Recently Robert Sheinfeld gave us all a gift by giving us this technology.  I’ll include the link to it as well as links to other ways people are playing with this.  If you are drawn to this try it out; use it, and let me know what you notice that changes in your physical universe; your physical reality.  Does life get different; better?

We’ve been using this technology with our clients with Matrix Energetics which is where we first learned about Robert Sheinfeld with his book, Busting Loose from the Money Game.  There is a way to do Robert’s process to get a reality of you as this infinity and make real changes in the physical reality; your physical reality.

With Matrix Energetics we can access this space; the infinite with you and together go thru and shit patterns and information which you’ve been using to create your current realities.  ANd from there using the infinite power of the space shift realities to uncover the truth of what you are; The Infinite. 

It’s great fun to play in this way.  It’s empowering; it’s life changing; it causes real and measurable changes in physical reality but it helps you uncover the truth of what you are and access to this invisible universe.

If this interests you and you’d like more information email or call me.  ANd if you might like a session to access this space; this infinity you are, let me know and we can help you set that up.

Knowing the truth.  What is absolutely true?  How much power have you been using to keep yourself in the dark about the infinite you truly are?  What would life be like to know the truth?  How would it be useful?

Call or email me here                      360.599.2217

here’s some links for you to check out

and more                           ***


Ralph Havens  Bellingham Physical Therapy and worldwide via Phone & Skype

Ralph Havens
Bellingham Physical Therapy and worldwide via Phone & Skype

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Discover empowering mysteries of the Universe Healing, Magic and Mystery… Get ready!

Are you interested in self improvement,

living a more fulfilling life, higher consciousness,

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If so, then I highly encourage you to join me for the first annual Healing, Magic and Mystery Summit!

During the summit you will learn:
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Explore the mysteries of life, death and the afterlife
• Find out how important sound is to your well being
• Discover what type of music works best for work, sleep and creativity
• Learn practical tips for vibrant, juicy aging
• Receive practical tips and tools to overcome addictions once and for all
• And more!!

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With World Renowned speakers such as:

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Darity Wesley
Nathan Crane

….you can be assured that this will be the most fun, inspiring, and mysterious summit you’ve ever attended dedicated to providing empowering solutions to living a more magical life.


The Summit is hosted by Cristina Smith – founder of the Subtle Energy Center, and produced by Nathan Crane – founder of The Panacea Community, and the information you will learn will be top notch and of the highest quality from the leading experts…

…and you don’t want to miss it!

I hope to see you on the summit

Ralph & Jen Havens


P.S. The summit starts on November 11th, so grab your free ticket today so you don’t miss any of the important access details:

water in Washington

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Play = Change ~ How to shift memes

If some thing could change for you right now, what might that be?
With Matrix Energetics, I’ve noticed that stuff always changes. When we interact with a client or someone in one of our group sessions or even during seemingly no big deal kinda meetings with people, stuff changes.
So what about when a particular issue or problem seems to continue to be there; or not change? What is that all about?
Here’s our latest newsletter after the weekly matrix energetics distance session for everyone on our email list.
Ralph Havens  Bellingham Physical Therapy and worldwide via Phone & Skype

Ralph Havens
Bellingham Physical Therapy and worldwide via Phone & Skype



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Adrenals, Stress and the Long Distance Runner



I get asked what types of cross training and other activities a long distance runner should do from time to time.
It’s interesting because I’ve seen a pattern in some endurance athletes and I may have a way to keep us running for years in a healthy way.

You’ve got an interesting athlete in the long distance runner, the ultra-runner, the high performance runner or endurance athlete such as a cyclist or triathlete.

On the one hand, the more you train, run the better you become as a runner or endurance athlete.  On the other hand, do too much and people can end up injured or burnt out.

How do you know how much to do and how much is too much?  Is there too much?  these days there are many ways to push the limits of human endurance.  There are 100 and 200 mile races through mountain areas, there are long distance runners training 100 + miles a week; even up to 200 miles a week.

One thing I see is some thing called adrenal fatigue or adrenal exhaustion.

Alberto Salazar had a version of this.  He is well known for his ability to push himself beyond humanly possible.  Just google him and you get an idea of how committed he was to winning. I have a story of a friend; a very good world class runner in his day who was being recruited by all the top high schools around the country.  He was one of the best in the 2 mile having run in the 8:40′s for 2 miles.

He told us all about a day visiting the University of Oregon on a recruiting trip.  He had the opportunity to run a workout with the U of O team.  Right off the bat, Alberto Salazar took off and he never saw him the rest of the workout; he was so far ahead.  The remainder of the workout was as my friend calls it, “the best race of my life”  This is a guy who went on to run 13:30 for 5000 meters and his best race was a workout with these U of O runners!

After the run or “race” he was peeing and blood was coming out. Al Salazar was next to him peeing as well and said something along the lines of “oh that’s when you know you’ve had a good workout “.  yikes!

Alberto Salazar was given last rites at least twice after races because he had collapsed and was on the verge of disaster.  This is a man who could push limits.  It almost cost him dearly.

Alberto went on to greatness but before the Olympics in Los Angeles he became seriously ill and never recovered; not running well in the marathon and never returning to top form.  He later suffered a heart attack and recovered from that and now coaches the Nike  Oregon Project.

As he coaches Galen Rupp and Mo Farah and many others to greatness, he has learned from his past and does not let his athletes over train or push limits in every workout like he did.  He has a plan and it includes hard work and also good rest and it’s planned out.  His athletes win but also live a healthy lifestyle which insures long term success.  They’ve won Olympic medals and continue to train and race at the highest of levels.

So what I notice is that adrenal stress is a part of the equation.

When training at a high level or doing anything at a high level physically, there is stress.  Stress is good; you build from stress by resting and receiving and coming back stronger.  But training hard and not recovering can work for a while but over time the adrenal stress can get to the athlete causing breakdown which may be hard to fully recover from.

A good coach is not one who just pushes his runners beyond limits but knows the balance between training and rest days and training cycles and rest cycles.

So what should a runner do for cross training?  

Our sport; running is already a physical stress.  We don’t need more stress.  So what activities may be something to reconsider?

Activities that stress the adrenals are things such as hot yoga, spin classes, other gym classes where there is a big stress level.

Cross training that may be more beneficial in my opinion would be things that balance the flexibility, strength, coordination and balance without stressing the adrenals.  Check out things such as gentle and intention filled Pilates, Feldenkrais, Qigong and running drills and exercises.

What I encourage runners to do is take an extra day off or a couple days a week at a very easy jog and see what it does for the hard training days and the race day effort.

Much more to talk about with this subject but this is good place to let it set and if you want more information let me know.

 If you’ve been running at a high level and read this far, you already study the sport and training and do great things for your training.  You already do this now.

If you might want to learn more about how to use some of these alternative cross training systems into your program or modify your training schedule let me know.  Over the years of running at a high level and having to find answers for myself and my clients and friends, I may be able to give you some useful info.

Ralph Havens,  Bellingham, Wa  Physical Therapist and runner

2:28 marathon 1990 Cal International Marathon

*                 360.599.2217

Ralph Havens  Bellingham Physical Therapy and worldwide via Phone & Skype

Ralph Havens
Bellingham Physical Therapy and worldwide via Phone & Skype

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A money template using Matrix Energetics

Today’s matrix energetics session for everyone on our email list was a money template

Try it and let me know what you all notice!


Ralph Havens


Ralph & Jen Havens Healing & Transformation Space Bellingham, Wa and worldwide via Phone & Skype *

Ralph & Jen Havens
Healing & Transformation Space
Bellingham, Wa and worldwide via Phone & Skype *


click here for it

Today’s matrix energetics session for you was set up as a Money Template. Let me know what you notice.
Good THings happen on Thursdays with Ralph Havens *

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Matrix Energetics and Abundance with Melissa Joy *

A great interview with Melissa Joy about Abundance and Money and Matrix Energetics



Ralph & Jen Havens Healing & Transformation Space Bellingham, Wa and worldwide via Phone & Skype *

Ralph & Jen Havens
Healing & Transformation Space
Bellingham, Wa and worldwide via Phone & Skype *



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