Manifestation ~ A Transmission for your financial abundance *

How to manifest?

How is it that you can make some things happen in life and not others?

Why is it that sometimes you keep attracting pain or limitations in money into your life?

what does thoughts, beliefs, emotions have to do with it?

How about faith?

I’ve made an audio to help you tune into the vibration or frequency of Financial Abundance.

You’ve done a lot to manifest  in your life. Some you want and other things you’re manifesting that are not so useful.

This Transmission for you uses technologies from Manifestation and from Energetics so you can be tuned into the infinite as well as have tools to use to continue to resonate with financial abundance.

check it out here.

Manifestation   A Transmission

A Transmission

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How to Heal and Transform ~ with Ralph Havens ~ Presentation, Demo, gathering, storytelling


This next Tuesday, September 29th, 2015, I’ll be presenting How I use Healing and Transformation technologies to help people heal, shift, change and transform.

We’ll be at the downtown co op in Bellingham, Wa in the new Connections building at 6:30 pm on Sept 29th.

Here’s the link

I feel it’s about helping you fix up your body and heal so that you can get on with what you are here to do.

In the 30+ years I’ve been practicing first as a physical therapist, then as a therapist trained in cranial sacral and visceral manipulation techniques and now as an energy medicine practitioner, I’ve found more and more ways to help people heal.  I’ve healed myself from a pretty scary condition.

I have people from all over the world that are part of our healing and transformation sessions each Thursday morning.

I’ve seen miracles over the years and feel inspired by what has shifted for clients over the years.

What I’ve noticed is that as my clients heal, they also transform.  I’ve noticed a common idea that goes through many of the methods I’ve used and am still using to help people heal.

First you fix up the body.  As a physical therapist, most people came to me for physical healing.  Now, people seek me out for healing of many aspects of their life.  I still feel it’s useful to help someone fix up their physical body.

With some of the integrative manual therapies and energy medicine technologies, the emotional, mental and spiritual stuff shifts.  I call this some of the “why” someone is really coming in to see me; what you may really be wanting.

Many times this emotional, mental and spiritual stuff is part of the reason some one may have a physical condition. Shifting these non-physical areas can help someone heal physical issues.  These are gentle and effective technologies that help someone with their healing of these areas.  It’s about shifting patterns that are holding you back.

What can happen as you heal physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually is possibly even more of the “why” you might seek out a session.  Your heart’s desires can show up.  Your connection to spirit.

Your Heart’s Desires; your path and purpose; the “what you are here to do” can come in.  Connecting to your heart’s desires and doing what you’re here to do can show up with these sessions.   The unexpected miracles and epiphanies can show up.  I had a client tell me she was so glad she to have had a shoulder problem; otherwise she wouldn’t have come in for sessions and the other miracles would not have shown up.  Here’s a link to that story.  

So what I see for the group presentation on the 29th of September is a demonstration of various ways this can show up.

I’ll be telling stories of how I came to find this information and these technologies and what I’ve seen over the years.  Then,

I’ll have a few people come up and we’ll use these technologies to help someone with their healing.

Well use Matrix Energetics and notice how some thing can shift in a moment.

We’ll use Integrative Manual Therapy to show how we can use a technology of methods and techniques to fix up a condition.

And we’ll use Qigong and other technologies to show you how you can access this innate healing potential of the energy or space that you already are on a daily basis.

Ultimately I feel what happens in these sessions is what might be called a Transmission.  A healing frequency is here and this is what you tune into.  This is what heals.  It might not even be called a Transmission because that implies someone or something sending some energy to you.

I feel in might better be called a resonance.  You can start to resonate with a state of being that has information for you.  And this information has the stuff that you need to live and be in a different reality;  one with health and wellness and abundance.

We’ll be playing with this and so much more as we meet at the Downtown Co op’s new Connections building in downtown Bellingham, WA on Tuesday September 29th, 2015 at 6:30 pm.

I hope to see you there!




Ralph Havens


Anything is possible !

Anything is possible !



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Talks and Demos for Medical Professionals ~ Integrating traditional with subtle energy models by Ralph Havens

If anyone in Bellingham knows of groups of practitioners or doctors who might like to hear about how I’ve integrated traditional therapy with the more esoteric and subtle energy models I’d love to hear from you. I’m looking to speak and share for medical doctors and other practitioners in Bellingham, Wa. please send them my way.


I wanted to introduce myself to you and let you know about how we might be able to help with your continuing education for the medical and allied health staff.

I’d love to talk with you some time if you might be interested. I have found a way that integrates the traditional ways of looking at patients and the more esoteric and subtle energy ways of interacting with them.

I found that by testing and then re-testing real signs and symptoms, such as ranges of motion or pain or other medical tests, I was able to see what actually worked to shift patterns in clients. I’ve been doing this for over 30 years now.

I do in-services and talks/ demos around town and I would like to talk with you to see if it is something that might fit into your integrative medical model. The in-services are a fun way to introduce doctors and practitioners to other possibilities for healing. *

Ralph Havens​
Ralph Havens Physical Therapy​
Jennifer Toussant Havens​


logo for Ralph Havens Physical Therapy

Ralph Havens PT

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Abundance ~ Flow ~ something I learned from Ming Tong Gu of Wisdom Healing Qigong

We had an amazing class from Ming Tong Gu of Wisdom Healing Qigong yesterday


here’s one bit of wisdom from Ming Tong about flow and abundance.


One way to think about money is to think of it like flow.  Here’s a good way to feel it.
Place your left hand above your head and think / feel of the flow from the universe coming into your hand and flowing into your body.
Now place your right hand out in front of you and think / feel the flow leaving that hand into the universe.
This is flow of abundance, energy.
Now close your left hand and feel how it stops flow
then open the left hand and feel the flow again.
now feel the flow into the left hand and flow out of the right hand.
now close the right hand and notice the stop in flow.
it’s about flow.
if you limit the inflow it stops flow
but if you also limit the out flow it limits flow.
that’s how helping someone get what you want is useful.  it is about flow.  Giving is just as important as receiving
receiving is just as important as giving.
stopping either one, limits flow.
please pass this along to anyone who might use my help.
anyone dealign with a condition or pain or thing that they’d like to change or heal or transform.
   *Healing & Transformation Sherpa*
Ralph Havens, PT, OCS, IMTC
Certified Matrix Energetics Practitioner
360.599.2217   *   619.840.9755
Ralph Havens and Jen Havens of Ralph Havens Physical Therapy, Bellingham, Wa and worldwide via phone and Skype

Ralph Havens and Jen Havens of Ralph Havens Physical Therapy, Bellingham, Wa and worldwide via phone and Skype

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Noticing from Your Future Self *

Noticing from Your Future Self

This week’s Good Things Happen on Thursdays just went to Done.

I”ve set it up so that a shift happens simply by reading this.  Try it and let me know what you notice

and what you notice that’s different.  I’m putting a few links of some encoded Healing and Transformation Sessions.

I recommend you test something that you can test right now; like how your neck moves or how your back bends or walk around or test something that you can re-test after reading these links.  I’ve written about what the mechanics of how this works might be. But ultimately we don’t know.  The cool thing is to notice what is different and then over the days and weeks notice how life is different.  Send me an email and let me know.  360.599.2217 *

here’s today’s session

and some other links you can use with this test and re-test idea and see which ones make the biggest shifts for you.

What is true healing and transformation

Ralph Havens Physical Therapy

Ralph and Jen Havens

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True Healing

If something were to change right now for you, what might that be?   If there was something to heal or transform for you now, what might that be?   Notice what’s different after reading this article….

What is True Healing?

If you were to transform what might you be?  What are you here to do?

Telos:  an ultimate aim or objective,  what you are meant to be.   An acorn’s telos is to be an oak tree.

That is what it is here to be.   What are you here to be?  What is your Telos?

And what does physics or science have to do with Healing and Transformation?

I was new to Bellingham, Washington back in October of 2013.  We arrived from San Diego in our truck with our tent after camping all summer around Portland and Oregon looking for where we were to live.   We knew we had to leave San Diego and California but we just didn’t know where to live; where to be?  More on the whys of that another time.

I had found my new running group and was running amazing trails in Bellingham.  One of the runners is a school teacher and she told me her school was having science night and I could come and have a booth.  The theme was How I use Science in my Occupation.

Funny;  Occupation: Occupy…… do you really want to be occupied by your job?  What constraints are you under in order to be part of your occupation?

So of course I jumped at this chance.  I love doing demos of our work and this would be awesome.  But how to do it?

Usually in my talks and demos of what I do and how I do it, I take a participant up on stage and do a session for them; to help them heal and transform.   But I couldn’t do that with high school students.  There was the parental consent.  I would’t want someone doing a treatment on my child without my consent.

So then I realized….   The field or the space of what we’re all in can do it and I set up a rule set.

so here’s where it gets spooky; what Einstein called “spooky action at a distance”.

I want you all to test something.  If something were to change for you right now; and I mean anything and everything you want; what might that be?  Think about it a moment….   Now get that.  Set it as an intention and then quit thinking about it.

Ok, now,  can you test it right now?  By that I mean if it’s a back pain or other pain or condition to get rid of can you test it now?  That way you can re-test it right after you read this again and see what’s different.  Go ahead and move your arms and legs and your back and neck or what ever you need to do to test your condition.

If it’s something like finances or a relationship or lack of a relationship thing then you can test it out over time and see what is different the rest of the day and week.

What do you notice that ’s different after reading this?

Ok,  so back to the high school Science Fair *  So I made a rule set.  I decided that whenever anyone reads the paper I wrote for the Science Fair, they would have massive change, massive transformation on all levels for them and anyone they were connected with.  I wouldn’t have to do anything.  There would be no “treatment” involved.     So I wrote this article.

And I sat at my table at the Science Fair.

The kids were to visit the tables and get a stamp so they could collect them as part of their assignment.  So I had them coming around and some adults too.  It was a big fair and it’s a great high school with great kids. I had a blast hanging out with them.

And as they sat there, I told them to test something; anything.  Like how their shoulders moved or their arms or neck or back or to walk around first; bend or test something.   If something could change right now what might that be? *   And I sat there.

And after they read the article, they re-tested…..   And that’s when it got interesting.  They changed!  They moved better.  Aches and pains were no longer there.  They got excited.  They brought their friends over to my table.   It was pure magic.  People were changing, healing, transforming.

What does physics have to do with healing?  Here’s that article I wrote

You’ve been told how the world works.  You’ve taken the classes and studied and worked hard to do what you do.  You have ideas on how the world works and how you’re supposed to be and interact with the world.  You’ve done a lot to get ahead.  You are doing this now.  You do this now.

You might want to notice how you are different now since reading this.  Retest what you tested before reading this.

If you were to let go of what you think is possible or impossible even for a moment right now, what might you notice?  What might you notice that’s different.   Let me know.

I love hearing the stories.  For stories of what others have noticed with this stuff.

What is true Healing?  What is true Transformation?

If you were to line up with your True Heart’s Desires, what might you be?   What is your Telos?

If you might like to contact me, I’d love to hear what you noticed and what you noticed that’s different.   *

Ralph Havens  Bellingham Physical Therapy and worldwide via Phone & Skype

Ralph Havens
Bellingham Physical Therapy and worldwide via Phone & Skype

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Following your path and purpose ~ For what does your heart desire?

My friend Jaime is a medical doctor working with GI disorders. He’s one of my running friends from San Diego. We were all hanging out in his backyard after a great run in the Pennasquitas Canyon. Beautiful trails and great time eating breakfast and hanging out with my friends.

He has an awesome pool. It’s a unique shape and he had many pool guys come by and draw up their plans and tell him what they thought it could look like. The were well educated, had computer programs and very high tech ideas.

Then there was this guy. Who walked in wearing old beat up board shorts and barefoot. and he had a sack of white flour. He just stood there in the backyard not saying anything. Just looking and standing there.

Then he walked around and dropped flour on the ground and mapped out a pool perimeter. Told Jaime what it would look like and that was it.

That’s the guy Jaime hired. How did he know? How did Jaime know? It felt right; he knew. The guy was authentically himself. He was doing what he did. He wasn’t bound by what others thought of him or anything but his work and what he was to do; what he was here to do.

I love this story as it shows what people are really looking for when hiring someone; hiring a doctor, a therapist, a contractor, a painter, or visiting a store or seeing music. You can feel when it’s authentic; when it’s raw; when there is not pretense. When someone is lined up with their heart’s desires; their Telos; path and purpose; their ultimate path and purpose.

you can feel it. you know it. it resonates because it’s what they truly are. It’s what you truly are; you’re authentic self.

here’s more thoughts on healing and transformation and heart’s desires


What is your Telos?  What is your heart’s desires? Those things you keep thinking of; those things you would do if you didn’t need to make money or live a certain way to get by.  What is it that you really want?

What might it feel like to have it? What emotions would you feel?  Go there.

You have done a lot to do what is expected; to get ahead; to play by certain rules; there are things that had to be done and you did it.  There are things you’re doing for really good reasons.  You do this now.

If you might want to drop into the space where your heart’s desires are manifested; are done; what might you feel?  You might want to feel that now. If you might want to live another way and line up with your heart’s desires.  What you are here to do; drop me a line  360.599.2217 .

For what does your heart desire?  If you might like a session to play in this infinite and drop into the space where it’s done you can call me or email me.


Ralph Havens

Healing and Transformation Sherpa

Sessions with Ralph *

Online Healing and Transformation Sessions each month with Ralph *

Ralph Havens and Jen Havens of Ralph Havens Physical Therapy, Bellingham, Wa and worldwide via phone and Skype

Ralph Havens and Jen Havens of Ralph Havens Physical Therapy, Bellingham, Wa and worldwide via phone and Skype

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Ideas around healing and transformation

When miracles happen it’s interesting how some times people will not believe they actually occurred.

here’s some cool stories




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For those needing real help ~ Hope, Grace, Healing, Transformation and You’re Path and Purpose; Your Telos *

I’ve come to realize how many people; how many of us are having a rough go of life.  And how many of us are dealing with significant pain, disease, and disabilities.  Others may have some aches and pains or conditions that are limiting them and affecting their fun in life.

I know many have tried to get help; seeking out medical treatments, medications, exercises, diets, alternative therapies, and even self-help type methods.  I know it because these are the people who tend to seek me out.

Many of you have sent me emails over the years letting me know what has changed since having a session or sessions.  Thank you for those who have let me know what you have noticed and what you’ve noticed that’s different over the years.  I am inspired by the miracles each week.

It has been truly inspiring and I am grateful to be a part of your healing and transformations.

As I was at the farmer’s market yesterday, I was noticing something that I’ve noticed before; over and over again.

So many people are dealing with pain and disease and just not thriving in life.  I can see this.  With the training I’ve done over the years, I can see what people’s dysfunctions and issues are.  It’s part of what I do.

And I’ve seen so many miracles and process of people healing and transforming from many conditions; many that I had no idea was possible up until the past 15 years or so.  I am grateful to have been guided to study and learn Integrative Manual Therapy, Matrix Energetics, Wisdom Healing Qigong and more.

I was out visiting medical doctors last year when we first moved to town.  I was at the big hospital complex here in Bellingham and getting the word out about what I did.  I was talking with a practitioner later that night at a get together and she said that sounded scary to go visiting doctors.  Would they believe what I had to say? How could I walk into those offices and just be me?

But here’s what I told her.  I had been arriving in the parking lot that day and a woman was leaving in her car and crying; crying inconsolably as she drove away.  I wonder what kind of news she had just received; or what had happened.

People need help.  People need real help.





so they can do what they are here to do; their path; their purpose.  The word is Telos ~ an ultimate path and purpose.

So as I was watching all those people walking around, enjoying their Saturday at the Farmer’s Market, I felt inspired to let you know.  There is something that truly helps.

God is great and Miracles do happen and if it can happen, it Can unhappen. I’ve seen it.  I see it daily.  You might be amazed at what messages I’ve received from people from all over the world over the years.

You’ve taken the step to true healing in your life. You’re part of our group and you know there are ways to truly heal.  You are already doing this now.  You do this now.

If you know of someone who has a condition or pain or disease and has not found their answer; has not been helped yet;  and you might want to let them know about our work or way of helping please send this to them.

There are so many ways to get a session.  I feel if someone has something; pretty much any  condition that is limiting them, they really should have a session with me.

It’s not ego or thinking I’m able to cure everything.  I know it’s not me.  It’s grace and for some reason, I’ve been lucky enough to have this as my path and my purpose; to help others fix up so they can get on with their path and purpose.

If you know of anyone who might need help, you can email or call me or give them our information.

We’re going to keep exploring and where we are now is nowhere like where we were 15, 10 or even 5 years ago.  We’ll be farther along our path 5 years from now.  I hope to see you all along the way!

Please share this with anyone who might need help,

with gratitude and appreciation,

Ralph Havens


here’s some of the links that might be useful to share:

Stories of Transformation ~ emails from our clients

Ways to have sessions with Ralph

one on one sessions with Ralph 

Online Healing and Transformation Group sessions with Ralph

Donation based Healing and Transformation Sessions with Ralph


Ralph Havens and Jen Havens of Ralph Havens Physical Therapy, Bellingham, Wa and worldwide via phone and Skype

Ralph Havens and Jen Havens of Ralph Havens Physical Therapy, Bellingham, Wa and worldwide via phone and Skype




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Healing at a Distance ~ What is the difference between in person sessions and Skype or Phone Healing Sessions ?

I get asked what is the difference between in person sessions and over Skype or phone at a distance.  Especially when someone comes in for an in person session, it might seem hard to imagine how you could fix up something if the client was miles away.   

I think it’s  good question to answer as there are people all over the world that could use help.  I got asked this question recently and after talking with them, wrote up an email that I thought would make a good blog post to describe the difference between in person and at a distance sessions.

Here it is:

here’s some of that info about IMT and Matrix and
the idea of Skype vs. in person sessions
and results and what can be helped with them.
this first one is an email from a woman who was on my last group online healing and transformation session.  she was requesting to be on the one this next Sunday.
w/o giving you specific info about her
here’s part of her email to me.
with this one, I don’t know where she lives and never worked on them except in a group online.  here’s part of her email to me this morning.
I just signed up for Sunday’s session. At the last session in August, I requested help for my
14 year old daughter with ADHD. I have noticed her behavior and demeanor at home has
greatly improved!!

– Then here’s the email from the grandmother that brought me her 2 + y.o. grandson for a 20 minute donation based session when we were in San Diego.    I worked on Yoda the last 15 minutes because he wouldn’t let me touch him.   This email came months after I saw him

this next one was a woman who approached me after I spent 2 hours doing demos and talk at the Pacific Beach Holistic Center to about 60 people.  I never worked on her or saw her but at the end of the talk / demo she came up to me asking if I could help her little boy who was getting in trouble in school and acting out and might have had some Autism type stuff going on.  I gave her my card and did a 5 second Matrix Energetics two point thing to her in relation to the issue and let go.   I didn’t hear from her for months if not longer and then got this  email from her.


I forgot to email you to let you know the results of what you did with me an how it helped my 6 year old son who had Autism. I met you at the grand opening for the PB Holistic center owned by Sammy. After your group session I approached you and told you that my son was having a lot of tantrums in school and he was on a streak of earning red cards everyday. After you did what you did the very next week he had a straight week of green cards. I didn’t want to say anything because I wanted to make sure his streak would continue. Since that time he has had a few rough days once in a while, but for the most part he earns green cards and doesn’t have as many tantrums. The only difference I have seen is when he is with Dad. It seems his tantrums are worse with Dad. We have been divorced since he was 1 so he’s been sharing his time in both homes since then. I’m not sure what to make of that observation, but I think you have helped. Thank you for doing what you did for us!


here’s some info about it that I’ve written up
Matrix Energetics vs. Integrative Manual Therapy
and in person sessions vs. over Skype or at a distance.

and another article about it


with so many things I’ve seen, I feel if someone has an issue, a pain, a condition, a medical problem that has not been helped; even if they feel hopeless,

they really might consider calling me or emailing me and getting a session. .

just a side note,   we were all concerned  about some family members this past summer, and they were getting a lot of tests done.

I worked on both at a distance for some stuff that looked medical and stuff that looked pretty serious.  It shifted so much that the next time I worked on one of them, she was telling me about some hip pain; so I asked her, “how is the eating going?”  and then she realized that it had changed and she was eating and doing well in that area.  The other family member also no longer had his extreme tiredness and other stuff that was going on and causing such concern.


it’s good to forget the tough times but where it can be useful is when we all hear of someone who has something that is not fixing up; something people are concerned about;

it might be time to get a session with me and if they are at a distance, a Skype session works; if they are here; it’s great to see them in person.


I would love to get the word out about this and give people some real hope and help.   If you feel it might help someone, please let them know.

If someone has something that is a problem; medical or otherwise, it would be great to get them info about matrix energetics and IMT and the way we use nutrition to fix people up.


anyway,  it’s interesting times now for us, and we wanted to get the word out about Matrix Energetics and Integrative Manual Therapy and how we use it in person and at a distance.

here’s more links

logo for Ralph Havens Physical Therapy

Ralph Havens PT

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