Don’t make yourself sick, trying to heal the world…

I get many emails each day from groups I’ve signed up with.  There are all sorts of groups that are working very hard to make the world a better place.  I am glad they are here.  One thing that can happen when while working to save the world is a deterioration in one’s own health and wellbeing. 

I received an email today that brought this to light once again. A doctor who has fought the battle to end fluoridation in the world passed away recently at the age of 50 years after a battle against cancer.  Fluoridation truly is one of the atrocities that has happened to humanity.  I mean that.  The malfeasance of those involved in the lies and deception in order to put fluoride in the water supply is amazing!

But, if we fight with all our heart, something happens to our hearts.  And it’s not what you would really want.  How do we go about working to heal the world and others without negatively affecting ourselves?

The key is neutrality.  Being neutral has been taught by many most recently Eckhart Tolle and others.  But how can we be neutral when such things are going on?  Jed McKenna talks about how it’s impossible to be neutral until you wake up.  He defines waking up as knowing the truth.  He has an autolysis exercise in his books about a process to do that.  I recommend it for those looking for the truth. *

I also recommend using the Wisdom Healing Qigong for the pelvis and hips.  What shows up with this exercise is Bliss.  From this point an awakening may begin.  Click here for info on that.

When ones wakes up and truly knows that what we see and know is not true, then we can decide how we’d like to play “as if it’s real”.  From there it’s easy to be neutral because you know it’s not truly real anyway.  But if it was how would you like to play?  Sometimes, you may work to make things better in the world. Sometimes you may work on yourself.  Sometimes you may live life the way you want to live it doing the stuff that brings you joy.  All the while being neutral.

Interesting ideas when looking to play in this world.  Let me know what you have found.  619.840.9755

Ralph Havens Physical Therapy

Bellingham, WA and worldwide via Phone & Skype

P.S.  If you use the Wisdom Healing Qigong exercise what shows up is Bliss. Try it and let me know what you notice.  Click here for that.


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Reality Creation and Qigong exercises from our last newsletter

Shifting your reality and creating better health and a more ideal scene for yourself *

Our last newsletter mentioned some powerful Reality Creation techniques and Qigong exercises which we use together to get healthier, happier and create more useful realities for ourselves and for our clients.

here’s the link to the latest  newsletter.  Each Thursday I do a free / donation based matrix energetics session for everyone on our newsletter list.  Sign up at the top of the page here.

 I am sharing the links so that you can access these techniques and improve your health and life.  


The Dive exercise is a Reality Creation exercise from Fred Dodson, one of our favorite teachers.  In this exercise Fred takes you through a powerful meditation and intention to install a new and more useful Reality for yourself.  In his exercise he talks about how Bliss is not a result of this exercise but instead Bliss is a prerequisite for this to work.

So I am also including a very powerful Wisdom Healing Qigong exercise that our teacher Ming Tong Gu taught us.  This pelvis exercise opens up the pelvis and 1st and 2nd Chakras.  Doing this exercise daily creates a true sense of Bliss.  The pelvis is also about manifestation so this goes great with the Dive exercise.


So Try these exercises and let me know what you notice.  If you could have a more useful reality, what might that be?


If you’re reading this and taking the time to do these exercises you know that you value your health and are looking for answers to some of life’s big questions. You already do this now.  You might consider using these exercises and noticing what is different in your world.  


And if you might like a specialized one-on-one session taking you through these exercises and doing it with your specific goals in mind let me know and we can set that up for you.  They are not hard but easier to show over phone or Skype rather than just reading about it.  Let me know and we can tell you more about how this works.  ***


here’s the links

The Dive Exercise  in the search box on the upper right type in The Dive and it takes you right to it.

Also you can look for the book Parallel Universes of Self where he talks about the PURE technique another version of Reality Creation.

Wisdom Healing Qigong Exercise

Reality Creation Link from Fred Dodson


Ralph        619.840.9755                         

Ralph and Jen Havens

Group Sessions with Ralph & Jen Havens

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How to Set up your personalized one-on-one Healing & Transformation Session

Healing & Transformation Sessions with Ralph Havens, PT, OCS, IMTC, Certified Matrix Energetics Practitioner

Bellingham, WA and worldwide via Phone & Skype

Click here for more information on how to have a one on one session with Ralph Havens *


Ralph Havens, Physical Therapist

Phone and Skype Sessions with Ralph Havens,
Healing & Transformation

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How to Get Rid of Allergies – an Integrative Manual Therapy / Matrix Energetics approach


How to get rid of Allergies
an Integrative Manual therapy and matrix energetics approach with Ralph Havens, Physical Therapist from Bellingham, WA and worldwide via phone and Skype


Here’s the newsletter of our Matrix Energetics Distance Session using Integrative Manual Therapy, a Physical Therapy approach with Ralph Havens, PT of Bellingham, WA

Click here for the full newsletter.


business card for physical therapyRalph Havens, Physical Therapist *

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Piriformis Syndrome – How to find the cause and how to fix it up

Piriformis Syndrome – how to find the cause and how to fix it up. 

Piriformis syndrome is a diagnosis made when someone has pain in their buttocks muscle; a spasm with our without some hip and thigh pain.  It’s usually found in runners but can affect other people as well.  The piriformis muscle is a small muscle which overlies the sciatic nerve in the buttocks area.  When it’s in spasm, the hip area can tighten, and nerve pain can occur.   Some runners can run through it and manage it with some stretches and others are reduced to a mere jog or even have to take time off from it.

Why would a muscle spasm?  Now that is a question that interests me.  Many people will understandably try and stretch out the piriformis muscle. It can seem to help some. But the question I ask is why would someone’s body do that?  Why is the piriformis muscle spasming?  Is it protecting something?

What if we could find the cause of the spasm?  What would we do then?  If we treated the cause of the spasm would the body need to spasm it any more?  What I’ve found in my 29 years of being a physical therapist, is that people’s bodies are doing the best they can do.  When there is a spasm, it is the body’s attempt to protect itself.  If we can find the thing the body is protecting; fix that up; then the body doesn’t need to spasm the piriformis muscle and can get on with running or anything else the person wants to do.

Here’s a list of just some of the reasons the body might be spasming a piriformis muscle. It’s a partial list but it will give you an idea of how the body works.

1.  bone bruising and / or bone bars in the pelvis, sacrum, hips or lower back bones.

2.  Leaky gut syndrome in the large intestine.

3.  Exudate or a breakdown of the tissues from the prostate, bladder or colon.

4.  Infection or toxicity in the pelvic area.

5.  Neural Tissue tension in the spinal cord and sacral plexus nerves.

6.  Imbalances in the joints of the sacrum, pelvis, lower back and hips

Sounds daunting to think of having to fix up a colon or a prostate in order to fix up a hip / piriformis syndrome. The cool thing is that with a practitioner trained in nullification or visceral listening techniques, you can learn which structure is more primary or the most important.  By knowing this then there are actual techniques from Integrative Manual Therapy (IMT) to correct the issue.  From there the body quickly lets go of the piriformis spasm.  It’s no longer needed and the body is smart that way.  It will let go of protections when no longer needed.

Think about it; doesn’t it make some sense that someone with a prostate problem or an issue in the colon would have some spasms in the muscles in the area?  And wouldn’t it make sense that the spasms wouldn’t respond to rest or stretching and might last a long time?

With IMT, we have a technology to find and fix these types of issues.  If you’re dealing with something that is not clearing up with what you’ve tried, it might be that some of these areas are the problem.  You’ve probably done a lot of trying and stretching and working on it and resting it if you’re reading this article.  You already do this now.  

If you might like to learn the reason for your problem area and more importantly if you might be ready to solve it, let me know and I can give you the information you need to get back to running or hiking or whatever you like.  If you might like to schedule a session you may call me at 619.840.9755 or email me  ***

As you might guess, there are many other reasons the body is protecting it self and spasming a piriformis muscle.  If you are interested in learning more email or call me.


Ralph Havens, PT, OCS, IMTC, certified matrix energetics practitioner

Ralph Havens Physical Therapy, Bellingham, WA and worldwide via Phone and Skype  619.840.9755

P.S.  If you’d like to learn about what it is your body is protecting and more importantly how to fix it up, call me and we can give you some info you may find useful.  Call me at 619.840.9755  or email at

Ralph Havens, Physical Therapist

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Once I made the decision, it all fell into place ***

“once I made the decision, it all fell into place ” ***

Sun Dog Natural Building 


House Alive Cob Houses


and a cob house song by Jen & Ben Havens


cob house

Cob house song and website





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Ralph & Jen’s Healing & Transformation Space update

Ralph Havens Physical Therapy BellinghamMountain

If you’re reading our blog you’re already interested in Healing & Transformation and searching for answers to help you and your family heal.  You already do this now. If you might like to be part of something bigger than all us, read this post of what is going on in the Pacific Northwest at Ralph & Jen’s Healing & Transformation Space.   here’s the link below:


We have now found land and space to set up our Healing & Transformation Space near Mount Baker in the forests of Washington State.  What we have here is a beautiful setting in a healing environment where we can use the things we’ve found that work.  In our Healing & Transformation Space we use these technologies, methods, and ways of living to help you truly heal so you can transform and get on with doing what you are here to do.  Here’s a partial list of what we’re using to help people heal and connect with their true heart’s desires.


Ralph & Jen’s Healing & Transformation Space

Ralph Havens Physical Therapy & Beyond, Bellingham, WA and Worldwide via Phone & Skype

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Abundance ~ Shifting patterns in the physical body for abundance in the physical world

Thursday’s Matrix Energetics Session for everyone on our list. Ralph Havens Physical Therapy, Bellingham, WA and worldwide via Phone and Skype *


Just went to Done.  Click here to see the latest newsletter by Ralph Havens, Physical Therapist and Matrix Energetics Practitioner.   If you’d like to be included email us and we can include you in these weekly sessions.

here’s the link to the latest newsletter.


logo for Ralph Havens Physical Therapy

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How to fix up chronic pain and chronic conditions

How to fix up chronic pain and chronic conditions

by Ralph Havens Physical Therapist of Ralph Havens Physical Therapy, Bellingham, WA and worldwide via phone and Skype   619.840.9755

As we’ve moved into our new home here in Bellingham, WA and getting ready to start our Healing & Transformation Space out by Maple Falls, WA, I’ve been visiting doctors and others to let them know we’re here.  I’ve visited Orthopedic doctors, Gastroenterologists, Ob-Gyn doctors and nurse practitioners so far.  I’ve even visited some chiropractors, physical therapists and energy healers around town.

What I’ve seen now over the 29 years of being a physical therapist and studying with many different teachers is that there is a way to get out of chronic pain and cure chronic conditions. It can be much simpler than people tend to make it.  The problem is not so much in the what to do, but in the actual, You gotta do it once you see it.

I’m going to list the things I look for when checking in to see how to help someone heal from chronic pain and conditions.  And I’ll include the stuff I’ve found that works.  

1.  Change the underlying pattern or meme or belief system which keeps the conditions in place.  There is a story of why and how someone is in pain or has a chronic condition. It probably began well before they can remember and it may have all sorts of tentacles to it; meaning it has other parts to the story as someone goes through life and each part of this has a story attached to it.  Changing this underlying belief system or meme is key to unlocking the pattern.  Otherwise, you can fix up one thing and somehow the person will have another condition come up or they’ll get in another accident.

So what I’ve found that works to find and fix up these meme’s or belief systems is Matrix Energetics and Wisdom Healing Qigong.  With Matrix Energetics we can see the pattern as what it is; light and information in the matrix or grid of space and time.  By treating it as light and information we can shift the pattern quickly.  Kind of like if you change a T.V. channel the other station is nothing like the original.  So we help with this shift.  You can also think of it as a frequency or vibration. Say you had the color red; it has a certain vibration or frequency.  If we could change the frequency to a higher one, it could be green.  Now it no longer has the qualities of the red color.  It’s completely different.  We can actually do this with someone’s pattern.  Matrix Energetics is a consciousness technology that truly transforms the pattern.

With Wisdom Healing QiGong, especially level 3 sound healing technology, there are 3 sounds for each organ system.  The first sound is to awaken the energy in the organ. Say for example in the liver where anger and codependency are located.  Or in the kidney where fear, anxiety and depression are located.  So the first sound awakens the energy in the organs.  The second sound transforms the energy into pure energy.  This is what it truly is.  Without labels, good or bad, anger or peaceful, happy or sad, it really is pure energy.  The second sound transforms the energy into what it is without the label; pure energy.  Then the 3rd sound connects the organ to the divine; to spirit; to connect the person to their true path and purpose; their heart’s desires.  What they are here to do.

By using Matrix Energetics to shift patterns and find new vibrations or frequencies and by having the client use Wisdom healing qigong to awaken the energy, transform it and connect it to spirit, people’s lives transform.  Patterns cease being patterns and people start healing.

From this people start finding more and more to live healthier and more connected lives.

2.  I feel the energetics described above is primary in importance.  Without it the rest of these steps just keep going round and round.  But if someone does do Matrix Energetics and Wisdom Healing Qigong first then these next steps get people living cleaner and healthier lives and continuing to heal and transform.

Good Water is key.  Check to make sure you absolutely are not drinking or bathing in water that has fluoride in it.  I could go on an on about the why to this.  And if you want more info you can click here.  You can email me and I can let you know if your city fluoridates the water supply.  email me here. or call me 619.840.9755.  There are ways to get it out of your water supply using Brimac Filters.  Click here for a link to promo life 

3.  Good Food Supply – absolutely avoid GMO food, processed foods, gluten, soy, corn products of any kind.  100% gluten free has been show over the years of research to help with over 55 medical conditions as shown in the New England Journal of Medicine Click here for that link.

And if you’re really serious about improving health thru nutrition. Reading Nutrition and Physical Degeneration and Nourishing Traditions will give you the info to do that.  Here’s a link to the resources.  Click here.

4.  Good Air Supply.  Make sure you’re not next to farms or factories. And make sure you don’t use pesticides or herbicides.  Roundup in particular is known to cause endocrine problems, birth defects and more. Click here for more info on that. I know this can be a tough one if you live somewhere that is polluted. But if you are serious about your health, and want to heal, you will have a hard time if you live next to a conventional farm or a toxic plant making petrochemicals. And if all your neighbors have perfect lawns, smell them and if they smell like chemicals instead of grass, you may want to consider moving.  It’s a crazy thing to say in some ways. But, if you are living next to lawns that have roundup on them then you’re living next to poison that is not good for you or your children.  Inconvenient but better to know this information and make your decisions from there than not know and wonder why the kids have asthma or other conditions.   Again, call or email me and let me know where you live and we can help you figure this one out. 619.840.9755

5. Turn off your wifi and cell phones.  Electromagnetic radiation is tough on the blood-brain barrier and can cause problems with endocrine and gut and brain chemistry.  Converting to land lines or at least turning off your cell phones much of the day and all night and having land line connections to internet instead of wifi can do wonders for people’s health.  Absolutely, children and pregnant women should avoid wifi and cell phones.  There are now wifi free zones in Europe and Russia because of the known affects of EMF’s on health.  Click here for info on that.

These are the basics and there is more that can help.  But what we know is that if someone is in chronic pain or has a chronic condition, and they do what we tell them, they will improve and many many times heal from them.  Other technology we use as part of this is Integrative Manual Therapy, Homeopathy, Feldenkrais, Pilates, and Reality Creation techniques.  There is as you might guess, much more that I can show you. These basics will transform lives.  If you might be interested in getting to the root cause of your conditions or pains, let me know.  I could talk with you about what you’re going thru and point you in a direction which can shift things for you so you can truly heal and get on with what you’re here to do with your life.  If you might be interested call or email me at or 619.840.9755


Ralph Havens



P.S. If you do what we ask of you once we find your pattern and give you your program, you should be able to notice real changes in your health and how you live.  Call or email me and I can fill you in on what we can do to help.  619.840.9755

Ralph Havens Physical Therapy Bellingham

Ralph Havens Physical Therapist of Ralph Havens Physical Therapy, Bellingham, WA and worldwide via phone and Skype   619.840.9755

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Success Story from a cyclist after sessions with matrix energetics

We just got a great success story from a client who has returned to cycling after a long lay off.  I thought I would share it today on Father’s Day.  Enjoy,   Ralph Havens, physical therapist,  Ralph Havens Physical Therapy, Bellingham, WA and worldwide via phone and Skype 619.840.9755


here it is:

Ralph has given me the courage and ability to start cycling again after over 15 years. This is huge, because cycling really moved my spirit and I was devastated when I thought I’d never again ride. Thank you so very much, Sid


click here for more review from our google page.


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