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"Beyond the Basics...
I have been helped so much from the treatment here, and the care goes beyond the basics and is about how to create fundamental changes in life to improve everything."
- Mike G.
"People Who Care...
Mission Hills is staffed with a great team of people who really care about their clients and have an extensive knowledge of health"
- Christine S.
Great view on holistic and integrative manual therapies. They don't just stick you on a machine that buzzes you, but will readjust the energies in your body and send you home with great tips."
- Christine Y.
Mission Hills PT is more than just a group of incredibly talented, skillful, insightful, and inspired therapists - you cannot go wrong with any of them - it is an entire community of practitioners and patients devoted to achieving the very highest well-being."
- Molly K.
"Holistic Approach...
I really appreciate the holistic approach they take-- not only do they work on the affected body part to bring it back to full function, but they look at what is going on throughout the entire body to see what may be related."
- Christine S.
"Running Painfree...
After a week or so of doing the exercises, I was running without any problems. "
- David A.
"Matrix Energetics...
Matrix Energetics helped me move on from areas I felt emotionally stuck in, to other outlooks which I feel serve me better, thus helping me to feel happier and more satisfied with life."
- M.B.
The therapy there is literally "laying on of hands", but in a systematic way that works miracles!"
- S.H.
"Walking Better
When I first came to Mission Hills Therapy one month ago, I could barely walk. ... they were able to help me feel better the first day."
- S.G.
"Runner's Knee...
I had knee pain for 2 months, could not exersise or run; after coming ot mission hills pt and after 3 treatments I could jog."
- J.P.
"Caring Professional...
The folks at MHPT are just great, very caring and professional. The work that Ralph at MHPT has done on my knee has led to a marked improvement in function. Their methods are interesting and extremely effective!"
- K.K.
"Able to Jog...
I was not able to jog more then a few blocks without my knee hurting me and forcing me to stop. After my first few sessions I noticed I was able to jog up to a 1/2 mile. By the end of my treatment I was up to 4.5 miles."
- E.K.
"Home Programs...
Within the 30 minute session, a large portion of that pain went away which was something I had for years. They gave me techniques to use at home to help keep the pain away which was perfect for me and my busy lifestyle."
- E.K.
"Chronic Pain Gone...
A year ago I hobbled up the steps to see Ralph, on the advice of a friend. I had chronic neck pain, pain behind my knees, and digestive problems.... When I left that day my knees were perfect as was my neck. ... The symptoms never returned."
- Gretchen E.
"Everything Changed...
July 22,2005 is the day everything changed. It was my first day at Mission Hills Physical Therapy... I call Ralph and Danielle, my 'miracle workers' because they truely are. I am constantly amazed at how much better I feel and how my quality of life has improved."
- Mandy Z.
"Living Life Again...
I can feel improvements in my body that I have not felt before and it gets better daily... I HAVE NOT FELT THIS GOOD IN YEARS. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH M.H.P.T..... You all gave me the light to guide me through a very dark tunnel. I am looking forward to living my life again."
- Jennifer H.
"Whiplash Relief...
A neck injury due to an auto accident brought me into Mission Hills Physical Therapy and to some of the best care I have ever received."
- Erin C.
"Big Difference...
I feel the short time I've been coming here, I really feel a big difference in the way I feel and the things I can do."
- J.D.
Now it's August and I have complete range of motion in my left shoulder. Simply put: AMAZING! I am glad I went there!"
- Janis C.
"Back to Walking...
I now am able to walk correctly and am back to walking the hills around my home 4-5 times a week. No more do I get out of breath or exhausted. (I am 73 years old)"
- H.R.
"Shoulder Issues...
I have returned completely back to normal strength and have total range of motion in my shoulder."
- Travis R.
I am a very active Triathlete and have seen my share of physical therapists;At Mission hills PT each therapist individually provided the best care I have ever received."
- Kristina W.
"Immediate Relief...
My first visit to Mission Hills Physical Therapy brought immediate relief and relaxation to my back. .... It is almost miraculous to me that I can sleep, walk, sit, stand, swim, care for the grandchildren, and move freely without fear after twenty therapy sessions. My reflux is greatly reduced to almost minimal. I feel happy and strong again."
- Lynn B.
"Shoulder Relief...
After the second session I felt so much lighter in my neck and shoulders that I really could not remember when the last time it felt this good."
- O.F.
"Running Injury Help...
I came in with excruciating pain in my lower legs from running injuries. I couldn't sit for more than 5 minutes with legs bent. I couldn't walk down the stairs without letting out "ouches". After weeks of therapy, I can honestly say that I'm cured!"
- M.L.
"Healing Work...
This unique therapy is administered by loving kind gentle souls who are truely doing healing work! "
- Alan M.
"A Remarkable Center
I feel most fortunate to have experienced the services at Mission Hills Physical Therapy--it is a remarkable center."
- Dr. Salvatore Ambrosino
"Marathon Runner...
I am convinced that it was because of your treatment I was able to complete the marathon, and I am pleased to report that I continue to run with virtually no knee pain."
- Bill Otto
"Plantar Fasciitis...
I have had 8 treatments for Plantar Fasciitis after having several months of pain - I no longer have any pain - thank you, thank you!"
- Maureen H.
"Help With RSD...
I could not shake anyone's hand without it causing intense pain, and combining my own hair was extremely painful. Now, I can lift my arm and ball my fist. I can even shake hands and comb my hair without being in too much pain."
- Clara M.
I Instantly felt something flip in me and ..... POOF... the depression, etc. was gone. WOW! What I struggled with before, seemed to miraculously happen with Matrix Energetics. I'm not taking any herbs or supplements for anxiety or depression because I don't need them...first time in many, many years... a miracle!"
- W.H.
"Breathing Improved
I'm walking much better; the struggle of walking is no longer present. Serious breathing issues have resolved. Averted need for a tracheotomy! Post polio syndrome issues resolving. Arms moving after 50 years of non-movement."
- L.H.
Running Biomechanics
"I feel lighter!" " I no longer felt that heavy fatigue feeling." " More limber and agility". "Balance improved". "The ground felt smoother." "balance shifted more on ball of feet like a relaxation thing". "More relaxed with leg action and shoulder area." "Felt faster and more fluid. More of a spring."
- Runners after Matrix Energetics Sessions

Ralph Havens Physical Therapy

Energy Medicine and Transformation
Integrative Manual Therapy and Physical Therapy

Phone, Skype or in person sessions with Ralph Havens, PT, OCS, IMTC, certified Matrix Energetics Practitioner.

Worldwide via Skype

Bellingham & Maple Falls, WA in person sessions available

1405 Fraser Street, Suite F1,  Bellingham, WA 98229


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The Science and Art of Transformation

Matrix Energetics encompasses a new state of mind, a new way of looking at the world we live and breathe in, and a new way of reaching out to new possibilities, a consciousness shift.  Transformation

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Transformation with Matrix Energetics ~ Stories from the Heart

e-book by Ralph & Jen Havens

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Integrative Manual Therapy

The Science and Art of Total Body Health
Integrative Manual Therapy (IMT), a unique compilation of diagnostic and treatment modalities that assess and treat pain, dysfunction, disease and disability.

Learn More About Integrative Manual Therapy

Ralph Havens  Physical Therapy ~ In-person, Skype, & Phone Sessions

Utilizing advanced and progressive Energy Medicine and healing modalities and technology, Ralph Havens combines his knowledge of anatomy, physiology, biomechanics, energy systems and more to help people transform.  He draws from his years of experience and training in Matrix Energetics, Wisdom Healing Qigong, Integrative Manual Therapy, Visceral Manipulation, Craniosacral,  and Physical Therapy training and more to help people shift patterns and allow their bodies and being to transform.  What used to be a practice confined to a physical location is now available to anyone with phone or Skype access.  Ralph does sessions over phone and Skype.  For those in the Bellingham, WA area,  in-person sessions can be scheduled.  

Sessions are individualized and combine Matrix Energetics, specialized Integrative Manual Therapy Techniques, Reality Creation Techniques, Wisdom Healing QiGong and personalized home programs to help people whose ultimate goal is complete whole body health, recovery and transformation.  Ralph took his love of Running and desire to help others to create a space to enable  clients to regain their health and pursue their passions.

Ralph Havens offers these advanced holistic services, in a one-on-one individualized basis.  Over the years, we have helped thousands of people recover from surgery or injury, chronic pains, manage stress, plan individualized independent home exercise programs and reach optimal health, and help them transform their lives.  We strive to increase our client’s quality of life and get them back to their optimum level of function as soon as possible.

Give us a call and start on your path of wellness as soon as the same day!

Please visit our FAQ page for frequently asked questions or simply call our office at 619.840,9755 and we’ll be glad to speak with you and answer any questions you might have.

Ralph Havens Physical Therapy

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